Boosting gymnastics – sport activities in Techgel Group

10:44 - 16/03/2017

TECHGEL takes care of cultural, spiritual life for employees.

In the modern life, physical training is considered to be a good way to keep fitness and good health. Meantime, with the attention of the Board of Directors, Trade Union, the movement of culture, sport and physical training for  employees at TECHGEL GROUP has been developed and expanded throughout the company, attracting the participation a large number of employees, creating a joyful atmosphere of excitement, contributing to improve the health and spiritual life, building a healthy lifestyle throughout the company. Every year, at the head office of the company, subordinate units and construction sites, there are so many employees involved in practicing the sports such as soccer, badminton, table tennis, volleyball ... after work.

Cultural, musical, gymnastic and physical activities have contributed to improve the spiritual life of workers, motivating employees to emulate labor, production and good deeds to fulfill their duties.
The culture and sport movement at TECHGEL GROUP has become a traditional beauty, creating solidarity among the company's staff, at the same time  improving the physical status, health training as per the example of  Uncle Ho for study, works and efficient production.

Several photos about culture, sport activities