Development Orientation

  • Founded in 1999.
  • Equitized in 2003.
  • Continuously development by quality, ability, experience,… to become a leading company in Vietnam on high complex fields such as: technology, renewable energy, high-class M&E and Utility (for airport, seaport, metro, hospital, international school, hotel, resort, complex,…)
  • Continuously development with annual average rate of 50% in both turnover and product quality on hi-tech and complex.
  • Domestic and foreign market.
  • Applying BIM, 3D, 4D,… in design and project management.

TECHGEL has invested research and application on technique and technology, combines with modern technology from the developed countries to bring the customers the best products and services.


To satisfy higher and higher demand of customers, TECHGEL focuses on below targets:

  1. Building up TECHGEL to become a group for professional technology EPC, high-tech production and multi-field training Group, the core activity is technology to serve eco-social development.

Training, recruiting to improve management ability, professional speciality, responsility and working culture of our staffs to have human resources for satisfying development of the Company in futher stages.