Human factor plays a decisive role in intellectual economy. Culture makes that factor become quality, affiliate and multiply many levels of specific values of each person and be endless resources of every nation.

At TECHGEL GROUP, we acknowledge that our success in business not only bases on company’s products, but also thanks to the contribution of our laborers- they are the most important asset, playing a decisive factor to us. With the outstanding business results of TECHGEL GROUP in recent years, our company has become a wonderful workplace.

Aiming to the target as "A wonderful workplace” TECHGEL GROUP always faciliates for employees to develop in professional orientation as well as balance between working and living.

Besides creating a diversified working environment, TECHGEL GROUP also provides with attractive salary and welfare schemes  together with wonderful working conditions. From time to time, we always try to develop the competency of managers- those who always make efforts and constantly renovate business and working environment. We have established systems to ensure continuous development for employees, beside that, record program and rewards on actual working results of employees are also a part of managing culture of the company

TECHGEL GROUP is proud of becoming one of few company that obtains particular, special and unmixed culture. Culture of TECHGEL GROUP has founded on the establishment of the company. It is the faith and core values sharing of members. TECHGEL culture has become spiritual sense, solidarity, wonderful playground, source of encouragement and as the proud of every member in TECHGEL. Following generations of TECHGEL have accepted, respected and together looked after TECHGEL cultures to be more characters and rich identity.

Particularly, Board of Directors has made a lot of efforts to train and build TECHGEL GROUP EMPLOYEES becoming people with five cardinal virtues: Kindness, Decorum, Uprightness, Wisdom, Faithfulness as one of the bases to evaluate working efficiency of the employees, for bonus reviews (for monthly, holidays, year end bonus and other bonuses).

Of which, Corporate Culture Regulations are defined specifically and consisted of following parts:



Each staff is an entity that creates the success and sustainable development of the Company.The Company committ to evaluate accurately, fairly, publicly disclosure of each staff’s ability. Encourage and create in best conditions for each staff to promote maximize ability and greatest dedication to the development of Company.

All staffs are required to perform the stipulation of company’s regulations and goverment law.

Well-equipped all facilities and kind of transport in best condition for staffs.

- Take care of staff’s material and spiritual life and increasing income positively.

Encourage and respect in time the individuals and organizations that involved in charitable activities and supporting for community help innovation.

  1. For each staff

Self-compliance with the law, rules, regulations of the Company and work ethics.

Willing to take on the task honesty and faithfully, high responsibility when handling work. Taking the initiative and seeking for solutions to complete the work perfectly.

Complete the work perfectly on every assigned task.

Understand the law firmly, proficient in professional skills, strong leadership, pure mind working motivation. Improve the knowdlege and promote the company's industry.

Keep on learning to improve professional skills to catch the knowledge and use new technology. Regularly research, learn and bravely apply scientific and technical on the production and business activities of Company.

When dealing with every form of work (direct, telephone, text, email) must show professional, humble and courteous communication.

Respect for yourself and the others.

Perform a civilized lifestyle at the workplace. Always open; friendly, greeting people when coming to work. Performing the ritual greeting as principle: young people shall greet elderly people first, staffs greet the leader first. When not knowing the information clearly about the person that is seeting, doing the principle as: who see first then greeting first, the greeter must respond friendly and polite.

It is necessary to perform a civilized hand-shaking ritual according to each circumstance during the direct communication.

Maintaining and protecting the prestige of Company, do not have any self-profit gain on the job that damage to Company's interests and prestige. Staff must arrange the desk and office room tidy. Do not welcome guests at the office, when need to exchange the information, keep it in enough volume and not to affect the surrounding people.

Fighting bravely with all bad habits in the Company.

Do not speak the foul word, familiarity behaviour, or take action against staff, colleagues in the workplace.

During break time, at noon do not drink alcohol to be blush, loud speaking or an impolite spoken words and abnormal actions, especially do not being drunk that does not control yourselves effecting on company and workplace.

Do not go late, leave early and quit working location during working hours. No litter, no noshing no personal work, gathering, chatting. Get permission from the Line Manager when going out or late working.

  1. Leader and Staff

Company leaders always respect each staff. Create conditions for each staff to grow and have the opportunity to promote as always. Recruiting the personel with sense of justice and objectively, using the right people and right position.Appointing the leading position for who has a professional ethics, loyalty, professional skills, restige and leadership skills.

About management and handling work: Leaders assign a specific work for each staff under their control. Staffs should be a professional skills, honest, dedicated, high responsibility to propose and advise leaders how to solve effectively. At the same time, leaders must have sense of enthusiasm to raise the working spirit for staffs.

- Leaders should: listen the proposal and comments from staff; encourage staff at the right time, and right place, and criticize staff appropriately.

- When evaluating the emulation, commendation and discipline the staff under their controll, leaders must be honest, fair, do not have a personal motivations and attitude of bully into staff.


Keep a serious attitude, courtesy, respect when communicating with the leader. Staff must self-assert their role and become an effective supporter for leaders.

Strictly following the ideas, guide and peform all assigned tasks. Performing the duties and powers properly as stipulation.

Honest, straightforward, well-intentioned every reports, suggest to the leader. Respect the opinion of leader. Maintain and protect the prestige and honor of the leader. The comments should be presented directly, frankly and in good faith. Do not abuse the comments, criticism or using of anonymous letter damages the prestige of leader.

- When implementing the decisions of leader, if detecting such decisions in contravention of law, affecting common interests, or not suitable with reality, report immediately to the decision issuers. In case of executing a decision that is illegal, it must report immediately to Line manager of the decision issuer and at the same time not be responsibility for taking the consequences of causing by the implementation of such decision.


5.1. Behaviour with co-workers, divisions, branch office

- When being assigned with a co-worker to solve work, actively coordinate and support the colleagues to perform all assigned works. When dissenting, report directly to manager for making a decision.

- Regularly exchanging the work with colleagues at office to learn and share experiences and improve the knowledge of fields which do not undertake.

- Respect, protect the prestige and honor of colleagues as always. Be listened to the comments of colleagues. Be sincere and honest when commenting to colleagues.

- Warmly greeting colleagues as alway when come to Company in the morning and say goodbye before leaving the Company.

Be sincere and cooperative when solving work. Empathy and willingness to share difficulties with colleagues in work and life. Work with colleagues to build up a friendly working environment.

5.2. Behaviour with other colleagues, divisions.

No showing attitude to cause the difficulties, obstacles, lack of cooperation when solving and coordination in work. When detecting that other co-workers have acted inadequately in solving  of work that should report promptly to the Leaders of the concerned parties.

- Open -hearted, gentle, friendly and cooperative as alway. Be ready to coordinate work effectively.Empathy and sharing difficulties in life.


6.1. Management and work processing

All staffs must voluntarily adhere and abide strictly by the policies, government laws and regulations of Company.

Make sure to handle your work in the quickest time. When authority or leader needs to handle work urgently, staffs must be made within a working day.

Contribution of work with sense of good attitude,frank and sincere.

Coordinating with other staff and department when performing and handling work in order to accomplish the work effectively and may not intentionally prolong the time or refuse the coordination of the authority and individuals involved.

Follow the movement; assign the work of the Leaders. Do not shirk or shuffle responsibility when performing tasks or handling works.

Sense of responsibility in work, constantly learning to improve the knowledge and creativity in order to well- fulfilled the assigned tasks.

6.2. Using and protect the property

Do not use the property in the office for personal purposes. Do not bring property and kind of transport out of working place without permission of the authorities’ person.The suspected violation about using assets of company, staff must immediately report immediately to the Leader for checking.

At the end of working hours, the staff must turn off all electrical equipment, lock the door before leaving.

- For assets assigned to each staff must be used effectively, savely, avoiding wastely. Do not use the property for personal purposes.

All staffs have the responsibility to preserve and use the right purpose, save money to avoid all waste of property, common facilities at the office.

6.3. Information Security

-Do not copy, send internal documents, and disclose information out of Company in any form without the permission of the authorized person.

Strictly abide the Company's information security regulations.

7. Solving the internal disagreements

Each staff must proactively solve the disagreement with collegues in the spirit of frank exchange and sympathy. In case of disagreement between staff and staff becoming an internal conflict, Head of Department and Head of Company shall be responsible to deal in a reasonable manner which not affects the general affairs and internal unity.

Do not take advantage of disagreements and personal conflicts to sabotage and disrupt internal affairs.


    1. External Customer

When communicating with customers must be courteous, enthusiastic, friendly attitude. Keep credentials and professional in every transaction with customers.

To fulfill the commitments with customers base on the contractual commitments. The content of the contract must be clear, transparence, easy to understand and in accordance with the law. If the customer has a request, it should be honest and avoid acts of fraudulence.


Build up the relationships with partner base on the principle of equal cooperation, mutual respectation towards long-term cooperation and mutual development.

All transactions, signed cooperation is done in the spirit of law observance and respect the interests from both parties. Friendly, courteous and complete the transaction effectively, quickly.

- In case of any problems or conflicts of interests (if any), it should be settled on the principle of fairness, goodwill, cooperation and interests respectation from both parties. Do not allow to have manipulative, abusive behavior for personal gain.


  1. Phone calling

Prepare the content before exchanging.

When holding the phone, there must be greetings, name introduction, titles, department and suggest seeing the person that need to see.

Exchanging the information should be concise, clear and specific. Speaking stype should be in moderation and moderate volume.

End of exchanging should have a sense of thankful and greeting.

  1. Phone Listening

There must be a greeting, name introduction and title of department.

If the callers need to see the assigned person, there should be exchaning in clear, specific content as requested by the caller. Speaking stype should be in moderation and moderate volume.

In case the caller needs to see another person or the contents are not under your responsibility, doing instruction to caller for contacting the right person.

The end of conversation should have a sense of thankful and greeting.


When coming to work, Staff must wear company uniforms; polite dressing and shoes, wearing slippers is forbidden (Monday to Friday).

Bring name tags during work time (after the company issue).

- Employees at the site must wear protective clothing in accordance with occupational safety and health regulations at the construction site.